About Us

Essex Deaf Children’s Society is a registered charity who organise events to enable deaf children and their families to meet each other, share their experiences and also have some fun!

Throughout the year we host events to give deaf children the opportunity to try different activities and meet new people.

As a registered charity we rely entirely on donations and fundraising to raise money. All of our committee members are volunteers who are either parents of deaf children, are deaf themselves, work with deaf children, or are passionate about improving opportunities for local deaf people. The aim of the charity is to provide support to local deaf children and their families and offer opportunities for people to come together to avoid isolation.  We also aim to raise awareness of deafness, and deaf issues, within the wider community.

We often work in partnership with other agencies to ensure we provide a joined up service for our members.

Our main focus is to organise events to enable deaf children and their families to meet each other. Membership is free for all families with a deaf child living in Essex. EDCS welcomes new members.


2024 UpdateJul-24

We are now over halfway through the year

We have a number of successful events under our belt so far.

As we area all volunteers here, some with multiple roles, we recognise our website might not be updated. For the latest info and events, please do check out our Facebook page here.

Autumn NewsletterOct-22

Here at EDCS we are super proud to be able to release our first newsletter of the year.

Our Autumn Newsletter can be accessed through the link below:

We also have a BSL version available here:

Huge thanks to Nicola, Sarah, Debbie, Richard, and Andy for their help in putting this together!

Feedback welcome and we hope some of our families want to get involved for future issues!


Summer ReadathonJuly-22


Card ReaderJuly-22

We have joined the 21st Century and can now take payments and donations by card, including contactless and devices!

We look forward to having this available at future events to make payment easier.

If you are interested in a similar device for your business etc please let us know as we have a referral code that benefits both of us.

Card Reader


We were really excited to pick this up today! There will be no missing us at future events!

Huge thanks to Jack from Hatch for your help with our order, and also Community Dental Services UK for the grant we received earlier in the year that helped fund this.


Recent Events

The Peaceful Pony31-Jul-22

What an amazing morning we had at The Peaceful Pony for our event.

The children had a great time, splitting their time into two sessions. Having the opportunity to learn some natural horsemanship with the ponies, helped by the kind volunteers - learning to read their body language, lead them through an assault course and even watch Henry the horse knock over some cones (his favourite activity!).

The children also had a chance to "muck out" the horses and build them a fresh clean bed, learning about the different ponies and their histories as they went along. Never have I seen such excitement at the words "we are going on a poo hunt"!

All the time they were supported by the therapy dog "Piggy" (who loves eating poo!), and goats that were running around the whole time.

Everyone seemed to have a great time, and we were really thrilled with the outcome of this event.

Huge thanks to Holly and the team at The Peaceful Pony, and also our volunteers Debbie, Jane, and Camille for coming along as well.

We look forward to seeing you at another event soon!

Andy - Co-chair

Peaceful Pony Picture
Peaceful Pony Picture
Peaceful Pony Picture
Peaceful Pony Picture
Peaceful Pony Picture
Peaceful Pony Picture
Peaceful Pony Picture
Peaceful Pony Picture

Father's Day Find the Fruits19-Jun-22

A huge thank you to everyone who came to our event! The weather was kind to us and allowed us to have out our BSL Resource Library for you to browse through, and also the activities and games.

We would like to say thank you to Evonne Gates for coming today and interacting with our families. Also thanks to National Deaf Children's Society for the grant towards a photographer, and also some "swag" that we were able to give away as prizes. We look forward to sharing the pictures with you.

A final thanks to all of our committee members and volunteers who were able to help make today a success, and also our interpreter for the day.

We received some positive feedback from families which is great, but if there is anything else you would like to tell us about the event - what you enjoyed, what could be improved upon etc. please email info@essexdcs.org.uk - we take all feedback onboard so would love to hear from you.

Take care all until next time!
Andy - Co-Chair

Father's Day Picture
Father's Day Picture
Father's Day Picture
Father's Day Picture
Father's Day Picture
Father's Day Picture
Father's Day Picture
Father's Day Picture